Our mission

We as the Team Globe Riders are going to take part in the the Europe Orient Rallye 2019. The Europe Orient Rallye is an international charity driving event with the starting point in central Europe and the destination in Jordan. This will be four weeks full of challenges, local charity initiatives and fun.

The Road

From Europe
  • On May 11th 2019 we will start from Strasbourg or southern Germany.
  • The journey will take us through the Balkans to Turkey.
  • With the ferry to Israel. 
  • Further by car to our final destination Jordan.
to Jordan

Before starting

Until the journey can finally start we still need to do quiet a few preparations, most important to obtain the cars and prepare them and us for the long ride. We will keep you posted about our preparations and later on the way through this website and our social media channels.

The Team

Team Globe Riders consists of three vehicles and six team members. We are a group of young talents with an automotive background and a strong passion to for adventures.

The Goal

The goal is to solve as many challenges as possible during the rally, e.g. by interacting with locals, donating to schools or orphanages.
The first prize is a living camel (that is left behind for charitable causes). All vehicles will be donated in Joran at the end.

The Rules

The used vehicles must not be younger than 20 years or cost more than 999 Euro. Highways and GPS must not be used and it is not allowed to travel more than 666km per day.

Team Globe Riders

Robin Hoffmann
Coordination & Vehicle Expert
Olga Chumanskaya
Sponsoring & Marketing Expert
Tobias Joschko
IT Expert
Timmy Niehoff
Promotion & Marketing Expert
Doreen Niehoff
Navigation & Equipment Expert
Tobias Schrader
Procurment Expert

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