How can you get involved?

The trip to Jordan will take a lot of effort for us as team Globe Riders. Our main challenges are in terms of vehicle procurement, equipment and travel fees. That is why your support is so important. It doesn’t matter whether you run a business or are a private person. You can support us! 

Direct donations

You can simply use PayPal to support us.

Car parts and service

We are always looking for spare parts and special equipment for our vehicles. A space in your workshop is also highly appreciated.


We can set you up with a tailor made sponsoring contract. Our team will be happy in supporting you with an exclusive advertisement.

Your benefits

Help people in different countries

With our rallye we want to make a difference. Not only that we donate all equipment after the trip. We also help in local school, hospitals and orphan tries.

Representing your business

You can be part by being mentioned in our social media channels and a professionally designed trip video.

Individual donation receipt

As registered association we can provide you with a donation receipt for your tax statement.

We appreciate your PayPal direct donation.

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